Self Adhesive Bra Strapless Reusable Sticky Invisible Push UP Silicone Bra Sexy Nubra for Backless Dress )

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  • #Item no: 170519021134
  • Closure Type: front closure
  • Cup Size: 3/4 Cup
  • Pattern Style: Solid
  • Strap Type: strapless
  • Type: Invisible Bra
  • Weight: 250 G
  • Item weight:
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    Not push up? Not stay on? No support? No Celevage?
    Just put it on in the right way to fix all of these.
    1. Clean your breasts in case that body oils, creams, perfume, powder or sweat would damage the adhesiveness.
    2. Stand in front of the mirror, lean forward slightly, turn the cup outward, position the cup to your desired breast angle and then gently smooth the cup edges firmly to your breasts.
    3. Clasp the front clip. Press gently over the outer surface of the whole bra with both hands for a few seconds to make sure the bras are in a stable position.

    Lost stickness after one used?
    Clean and mantain well, say goodbye to lost stickness.

    How to wash:
    1. Hand wash with mild detergent and water.
    2. Rinse the bra with warm water so as to remove the detergent residue and then shake off the excess water.
    3. Air-dry it in the shade and dry places, avoid direct sunlight as it would damage the adhesiveness.
    4. Cover with original plastic protective film after it is completely dry.

    Bra Size Chart:
    Cup A: 32A 32B 34A 36A
    Cup B : 32C 34B 36B 38A
    Cup C: 38B 34C 36C 32D
    Cup D: 38C 34D 36D 38D

    Pay Attention:
    1. We have own factory for MORE THAN 15 years with professional experience. We can reduce costs better and control the quality strictly.
    2. Please kindly allow 1-2cm differs due to MANUALMEASUREMENT.
    3. Colors may appear slightly different via website due to computer PICTURE RESOLUTION and monitor settings.