Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, 3-in-1 External Portable Handheld Microphone Speaker DJ Singing Noise Canceling Microphone for Men Women Kids iPhone Android

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  • Type: BlueTooth Speaker Microphone
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    How to use it? 
    A: Bluetooth Mode (sing only).
    1.Turn on microphone, a blue light will come on.
    2.Search Bluetooth ID K3 on mobile phone/tablet/PC and connect. Connecting successfully there will be a sound alert. 
    3.Open any Karaoke APP or select music file from your music player, and adjust your device accordingly. 
    4.Adjust K3's volume,accompany,echo,treble and bass. 
    5.Sing along.
    Note: Bluetooth have memory function, when mobile phone is restarted, it can be connect automatically. 

    B: Wired Mode (singing and recording at the same time )
    1.Download any karaoke APP/software on your mobile phone
    2.Turn on K3
    3.Connect K3 and phone
    4.Open karaoke APP to choose songs and sing
    5.Record the song as per the instructions on the karaoke APP. 
    Note: Bluetooth must be disconnected. Package:
    1x Microphone
    1x Micro USB Cable for charging
    1x Micro USB to Audio Cable for playing and recording
    1x User Manual