Womens Hooded Fleece Robes Plush Comfy Soft Warm, Long Hooded Bathrobe

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    Men's Soft Fleece Bathrobe

    Robe Features

    SOFT MICROFLEECE FABRIC - to keep you comfortable without weighing you down
    INSIDE TIE CLOSURE - to keep your robe secure no matter how you bend, twist, or turn
    TWO FRONT PATCH POCKETS - deep and wide enough to store your phone, remote, or other necessities
    MACHINE WASH AND DRY - so that you do not have to interrupt your normal washing routines.
    INACTIVE, CHEMICAL-FREE DYES - so that you do not have to worry about the colors bleeding or running

    Why Should You Buy It?

    FOR YOUR MORNING ROUTINE - Imagine this: It's morning and you can't bring yourself to leave the warmth of your bed. But then you remember that your fleece robe is right next to your bedside and you can slip it on as your feet hit the floor. You'll feel like you never left your sheets.

    FOR LOUNGING - Whether it is Saturday morning, movie night, or game night - you can hang around your house in this comfortable fleece robe and feel relaxed no matter what you are doing.

    FOR DORM ROOMS - this fleece robe is super easy to slip on to walk out to the common areas of your college dorm without actually having to get dressed.

    FOR VACATION - Take your vacation to the next level by bringing along your soft fleece robe. Don't just relax the next time you are trying to get away - relax in pure luxury.