KUGIN 3 PC Comfortable and Stylish Polyamide Unisex Sports Socks Anti-Wear with Jacquard Stripes Mixed Color Comfort

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    Does your foot problems affect the quality of your daily life?
    Are you looking for an effective relief of plantar fasciitis? And provide excellent compression and support for your feet?
    This sock relieves pain, leg pain, foot pain, varicose veins and plantar fasciitis. If you want to prevent blood clots, especially after surgery or when you are inactive, this sock can increase blood circulation, provide better performance and faster recovery, and relieve your muscles, reduce inflammation and exercise recovery
    Suitable for women and men, nurses and doctors, athletes and runners. Anyone stands up all day - breathing performance, restoring health and supporting the muscles of sporting events.
    -QUALITY, a blend of nylon fabrics that resist bacteria and moisture for maximum comfort.

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